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Why use a waste a disposal unit?

Clean and hygienic
Food waste disposers quickly and efficiently remove all food waste from your kitchen bin, before it can go off, attract insects, or smell. Food preparation becomes more efficient, and quick and easy to clean up after meals.

Labour-saving convenience
Food waste disposers are fast, economical and very, very practical. Mounted discreetly beneath your sink, these sink waste disposal units are quiet in operation, they're one of the most useful of kitchen appliances; soon becoming an indispensable part of your kitchen routine.

Environmentally responsible
These days everyone tries to claim green credentials, but a food waste disposer really does make a difference. About 20% of a household's waste is food, and most of it ends up (via the bin) in landfill; where it contributes to methane and other greenhouse gas emissions.
In stark contrast, food waste that has passed through a disposer can be recycled by Waste Water Treatment Plants to form soil conditioner, a form of fertiliser, or biogas.

What will a food waste disposer grind?
Food waste disposers can handle virtually all types of food waste, up to and including small meat bones. Meat itself, bones from poultry or fish, egg shells, fruit and most vegetables are all dealt with effortlessly.
Food that is particularly stringy or fibrous (such as corn husks or artichokes) should be avoided, to prevent clogging.